Explaining the unexplained

Explaining some of my weird moments. Leader file photo

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Way back when, growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, I remember encountering some weird things.

One of those occurred when I was walking to elementary school in New Toronto one day when I heard this voice from beyond calling my name. I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from but it seemed to be coming from above. I didn’t want to say, “Here.”

Other times I would be walking along and things seemed to slow down, like time was standing still or in slow motion. Weird or what? It doesn’t happen anymore, thankfully.

Another time I was in my bedroom lying in bed watching a crucifix on the wall. All of a sudden Jesus was floating off the cross right at me. It scared the, you-know-what out of me. As a result, I slept with my head under the covers for years.

Another time, strange things happened in a duplex we owned in Long Branch, another Toronto suburb. Strange things were happening in the bedroom. I would see these quite threatening figures. Then I would have these horrifying dreams of someone or something pushing me down the stairs. I found out, years later, that my mother was having those same dreams.

Since then life has been pretty normal, although I do hear strange noises in my house sometimes. I keep telling myself it’s the house settling.

Random thoughts

  • Police forces in the Province of Saskatchewan are switching over to encrypted radios, so the bad guys won’t be able to listen in on scanners anymore to see what the police are doing. The radio changeover has already occurred in Edson. So, if there’s a high speed chase, the bad guys won’t be able to plot their escape as easily.
  • I’ve managed to avoid those famous meatless burgers that everyone is talking about. Perhaps I’ll be won over some day but right now I shall remain a happy carnivore.
  • I was thinking that the spray park up by the Edson library probably hasn’t had that many patrons this year, understandably, considering the monsoon weather we’ve had. It’s a shame as summer is so short here.
  • The paper straws that are replacing plastic straws are kind of limp. Maybe the powers that be can put a wax coating on them. Or would that defeat the purpose?
  • It’s been 50 years since the moon landing. At times like these I wish I would have saved my National Geographic record of the event, with the astronaut’s voices on them. That was a collector’s item – not that I would have sold it but it would have been a keeper for sure.