Is Justin serious Liberal gains in Alberta?

Justin has high hopes in Alberta. Leader file photo

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Prime Minister Trudeau seems to have lost all ties with reality if he thinks the Liberals will gain seats in Alberta this fall.

The PM made the remarks when he was in Calgary recently that he can see more Liberal gains in the offing in this province. I can see possibly a gain or two in Edmonton, but anywhere else, especially in rural areas, I see a Conservative landslide.

As I’ve said before, I see a split across the country. Parts of the east will still vote for the Liberals, as many aren’t convinced Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has performed well. Plus, I don’t think the negative campaign ads, especially “Justin is not ready” will work.

The way things are going in Alberta, perhaps the Conservatives will sweep, although I think, believe it or not, more might vote for the NDP this time around or perhaps the Green Party as a protest vote. If there are no shovels in the ground by election day for the Trans Mountain Pipeline the Liberal plans to elect anyone, in the Prairie provinces, and especially Alberta, will be bleak.


Dogs will love this


According to a recent Swiss study the quickest way to save the planet is to plant a trillion trees.

The study says, with a large geographic area such as in Canada, there’s enough space for new trees to cover nine million square miles. Dogs will love this. Maybe they should plant a few of those trees in Saskatchewan, the province which already has the fittest pooches in the nation.

Trees suck up carbon dioxide and carbon, which is a good thing. But, alas, careless humans will probably burn down a lot of those new trees. Darn humans. Not to mention the Mountain Pine Beetle, which is already, a hop, skip and a jump from Saskatchewan.

Also young trees, like saplings, won’t grow in Toronto. The city is too polluted.


Mini thoughts


* How come almost every major event held in the area has to have alcohol available? Have we come to the point where we can’t make an event successful without having alcohol present? Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a drink like any other guy or gal but I think it’s a little sad that we think we have to have booze everywhere in order to be successful.

* The value of having your seatbelt always buckled was illustrated on that recent trans-Pacific Air Canada flight. Those who didn’t have them on ended up hitting the ceiling after the jet hit a downdraft dropping several thousand feet.