Waiting with baited breath on pipeline start

The Trans Mountain pipeline has been approved. Now what? Leader file photo

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The Trans Mountain pipeline has finally been approved, with conditions.

The question now is when will this whole process of shovels in the ground and such get started? I’m thinking perhaps not any time soon.

My editor thinks that shovels will get into the ground just prior to the federal election. This would greatly aid the Trudeau government which might need all the help it can get this fall. So anything’s possible.

Protests against the pipeline will continue, before, during and probably after pipe is in the ground. I’m wondering how many of these protesters ride their bicycles to their events, and how many depend on fossil fuels to get there? I realize that we will have to eventually wean ourselves off of fossil fuels, but it won’t happen overnight, not even in Lotus Land. The energy companies will not let go of their cash cow that easily. Plus, the costs of charging an electric vehicle may be too onerous for some. There is a hydrogen alternative but hydrogen blew up the Hindenburg, so there’s always that to think about. As well, the natural gas vehicle idea has seemed to have died over the years.

Meanwhile, deliveries of crude oil will continue by rail and there’s a lot more danger of potential spills going that route. I mean, one spill in the Fraser Canyon could pretty much wipe out the salmon fishery for years. Since 1953 the TM pipeline has had few spills or incidents.


Final thoughts


* That zero water filter ad on TV got me thinking, “Why would I want to drink water that had nothing in it?”

I mean, we need some of the minerals in water, but of course having a filter is a must. However, I don’t want to screen everything out, as a filter which screens everything out leaves you with – nothing.

* The deletion of the provincial carbon tax was supposed to benefit us. Well, here we are, the carbon tax is gone and gas prices are still high in Edson and Hinton. And to boot, we don’t get the rebate anymore. So we’re further behind as a result. At least if the feds slap on their carbon tax we get a rebate.

* Notice at certain grocery stores they’re selling B.C. milk. How come we’re not selling Alberta milk? Enquiring minds want to know.

* Too bad that National Indigenous Day was cancelled on June 23. The reason: the long term weather forecast didn’t look good. Curious that Canada Day celebrations haven’t been cancelled over the years and we’ve had some pretty gloomy forecasts. Just saying.